Technology. For life.

Curiosity is one of our main drivers. We’re never satisfied with the status quo. From semen collection to wireless ultrasound, this philosophy is why our technology is accepted and relied upon around the world.

Beyond technology, we create state-of-the-art techniques and programs to support it implementation.

Never-ending Pursuit of quality.

At the end of the day, life is the most precious thing we have.

The solutions that help drive it forward deserve the utmost quality. We have an unending commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

From documented excellence in manufacturing, to defined standards to control quality post-manufacturing, and to our commitment to continuous mprovement – the pursuit of quality never ends.

Today, up to five percent of our total sales income is invested in the betterment of our facilities, our processes and our people, and this helps our customers deliver quality downstream.

The beauty of Automation.

We believe automation invites efficiency and safety.

With our efforts to reduce potentially unsafe situations for our customers and to build data collection systems into our equipment, our automation solutions allow customers to prioritize their focus on business while we take care of the fundamentals.

Through automating our processes, we have built the most reliable production system, lauded for its supply, uniformity and quality.

At IMV Technologies, life runs as a welloiled machine should.

Data breeds Better decisions.

At the core of our learning lies our ability to collect, analyze and utilize data to improve our business and that of our partners.

Our technologies tie together to offer the most comprehensive look at breeding or diagnostic imaging activities.

With our technologies, better decisions are possible.