INRA vagina

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INRA vagina

Ref. 021933

Rigid artificial vagina for equine semen collection.

Ref. 021933

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Sold with the vagina body, the inner and outer liner, a cone to hold the collection bottle and the elastic bands.

The detachable cone allows a single artificial vagina to be used for different sizes of stallions and to collect with the open vagina technique.

Since it is lightweight with double handles, the collector can easily hold it throughout the collection.

The universal filling nozzle allows technicians and vets to fill the vagina directly from a tap, eliminating the need for a separate nozzle connector.


Elastic for INRA vagina

This is used to tighten the linter on the body of the vagina. More information

Cone for INRA vagina

Attaches to the vagina and holds the collection bottle. More information

Inner liner for INRA vagina

Used to hold the water in the AV vagina during collection. More information

Outer liner for INRA vagina

For the comfort of the stallion More information


Pour la lubrification du vagin artificiel avant la collecte. More information

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Protective sleeve for INRA vagina

Keeps semen warm during collection. More information


177 ml More information

100 mL glass bottle

Attaches to the cone used to collect equine semen.Ce flacon se fixe sur le cône p More information

Ready-to-use disposable liner for INRA vagina

Packaged in bags of 50 liners. More information

Semen filter for vagina

Filters equine semen during collection. More information

Filters Ø 240 mm

These filters are used to filter the bad part of the ejaculate after collection. More information