Our governance

IMV Technologies’ governance is controlled by a supervisory board, a management board and an executive committee that meet regularly and involve all employees in the company’s business. IMV has also drawn up a code of ethics that provides all teams and team members with a reference framework.

Gilles de Robert
CEO, IMV Technologies Group
« IMV Technologies represents half a century of history in assisted reproduction. We are proud to assist breeders and inseminators all over the world in their daily efforts, by providing them with technologies that are increasingly innovative and effective. The group’s driving force, IMV’s pioneering spirit, is still intact and is combined with a daily concern about sustainable development, now essential to our future. »

Frédéric Bernage
General manager, Polysem

Benoit Bouvier
Sales Director, IMV SA

Rémi Gérard
Managing Director IMV SA
CFO, IMV Technologies Group

Laurent Huet
Industrial Director, IMV Technologies Group

Alan Picken
CEO, IMV imaging

Eric Schmitt
Director of Innovation, Science and Technology, IMV Technologies Group