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AlphaVision is a tool designed for providing assistance on reproduction and insemination management. This insemination gun is equipped with a camera, that allows the operator to carry out a diagnosis prior to the insemination process. With AlphaVision you can carry out metritis or vaginitis diagnoses for example. It is intended for inseminators, training centers, stock-breeders performing inseminations and veterinary surgeons.

Ref. 028155

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Visualize the vagina, the cervix and the progression of the tube on the screen and inseminate with full confidence

  • Prior to insemination, confirm heat by checking the presence and quality of mucus.
  • Locate the entry to the cervix and easily guide the Alpha sheath.
  • Pass the cervical rings easily because the absence of rectal palpation limits the contractions of the cervix.

Inseminate with full security using AlphaVision

  • Deposit the semen in the correct position: once positioned, your Alpha sheath does not come out of the cervix
  • Limit the risk of uterine infection from vaginal bacteria, because your sheath does not touch the vaginal wall.


Take rapid decisions for optimal management of your herd

  • Cervical diagnosis: view metritis, lesions, pus, uterine involution, etc.
  • Save your photos and share them with your reproduction consultants, for regular and precise monitoring of your herd.
  • In the case of infection, use AlphaVision for easy and reliable application of the treatment.
  • Monitor for the signs of heat by checking the quantity and quality of cervical mucus.
  • Select the best time for insemination and reduce the interval between calving by viewing cervical involutions.
  • Avoid wasting straws by only inseminating healthy cows in heat.


Remain comfortable and calm

  • Reduce your risk of musculoskeletal pain by reducing the number of rectal palpations and their duration.
  • Be certain that you will insert the Alpha sheath in the cervix thanks to the view.

Keep your herd in good shape

  • Detect problems and infections faster.
  • Reduce their stress levels by reducing uterine contractions during insemination.
  • Limit the trauma caused by the reproduction apparatus by guiding your actions with the image of the cervix on the screen.


video AlphaVision
video AlphaVision
video AlphaVision


Is there a risk that the animal could be injured with AlphaVison?

AlphaVision was conceived and designed to foster animal welfare. Research was performed to ensure that the diameter of the speculum does not injure the animal and the Alpha sheath is designed to not cause trauma, with its rounded end.

Does AlphaVision reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders?

By reducing the duration of rectal palpation, AlphaVision ensures reduced risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Also remember to stand at the correct height so the arm is vertical, adding something underfoot to stand on if required (pallet, step, etc.).

Does the Kombicolor pistol need to be used with AlphaVision?

Yes, AlphaVision was designed to function exclusively with the Kombicolor pistol. This pistol provides simplified attachment to the sheath and also optimizes the mounting and dismounting times. It is compatible with fine and medium straws.

Where can Alpha sheaths be purchased from?

You can find the sheaths on the "Associated Products" page of our website and you can contact IMV Technologies ( to find out where your nearest distributor can be found.

Is the AlphaVision sanitary sheath biodegradabe?

Yes, the AlphaVision sanitary sheath was design to be biodegradable and compostable.

Why does the handle of the pistol extension have notches on?

The handle has 10 notches on, with a cervix being between 6 and 8cm, and each notch is 1cm. This means that the handle provides an indication of the passage of the rings through the cervix.

Should the pistol extension be used every time the system is used?

No, when used to perform a diagnosis you only need to use AlphaVision. The rod and pistol extension are used for insemination.

What kinds of problems can be detected with AlphaVision?

AlphaVision allows the detection of gynecological anomalies: bleeding, malformation of cervix, double cervix, infections such as metritis, etc. as well as speedy treatment of these problems.

Can AlphaVision be used to apply a treatment?

Yes, the AlphaVision handle is compatible with certain syringes. This allows you to pass your sheath through the cervix with ease.

Can AlphaVision help with detecting heat?

AlphaVision allows the quantity and quality of cervical mucus to be viewed.

Do we need to insert a hand into the rectum to use AlphaVision to inseminate?

AlphaVision allows reduced duration of rectal palpations. Some users do, however, inseminate without inserting a hand in the rectum at all.

Is it possible to inseminate with AlphaVision when the cow's cervix is not in the center?

Yes, using the camera it is easy to guide your sheath towards the cervix.

When should the sanitary shirt be opened?

It is important to have inserted AlphaVision 15cm in the vagina prior to opening the sanitary shirt.

At what point should the Alpha sheath be extruded from the tube?

You need to extrude the Alpha sheath from the tube by pressing on the pistol extension when you see on the screen that you are around 2cm from the entry to the cervix.

How is insemination performed with AlphaVision?

Once the entry to the cervix can be seen on the screen, the sheath needs to be introduced into the cervix, using rectal palpations to check that all the rings have duly passed.

Should the speculum be changed between two inseminations?

Not systematically. Since the biodegradable sanitary shirt covers the speculum during insemination, all that is required is to clean the speculum by submerging it in water with an antiseptic and then wipe it with a soft cloth prior to applying a fresh shirt.

Can AlphaVision be used to inseminate all kinds of cows?

AlphaVision has now been tested on a number of different breeds: Holstein Friesian, Braunvieh, Normande, Limousin, Blonde d’Aquitaine and Belgian Blue, amongst others…

How is AlphaVision delivered?

AlphaVision is delivered in a case with all accessories required for its immediate use:
- 1 vision terminal with charger
- 2 speculums
- 2 Kombicolor pistols
- 2 graduated pistol extensions
- 2 insemination rods
- 1 armband
- 1 neck protector
- 1 AlphaVision / smartphone cable
- 1 bottle of B-LUBE
- 1 straw cutter
- 50 Alpha sheaths
- 150 sanitary shirts

Where is the semen deposited when using AlphaVision?

Similar to a traditional AI system, the semen is deposited just behind the cervix.

Does the cervix need to be held to insert the pistol?

No, to make sure the cow does not resist and for the cervix to remain dilated, we recommend that you do not insert your hand into the cow's rectum apart from checking that the sheath passed through the cervix as required.


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